Wednesday, August 24, 2011

pleasant surprise!

so i am a child of the late 80's early 90's.
just a warning:
if you are not a person of this generation,
this post may not be nearly as exciting for you as it is for me.

anyways, last night, i was channel surfing with my nocturnal self
and came across the most pleasant surprise eva!!

clarissa explains it all was playing on teen nick!!!!
i mean really....ahhhhhhhhhh!

this was a show that played sometime in the 90's on nickelodeon.
we were not allowed to watch much tv when i was younger.
but, when we had some tv time,
you can bet that tv was either on
clarissa explains it all or full house.

i used to be obsessed with clarissa.
i loved her room and how she dressed.
to me, she was a fashion icon.
here are some examples of her style:

okay so i will admit that when i look at her now it is so funny.
but c'mon it was the 90's.
she was freakin cool.
i loved loved loved how she just wore the most random stuff.
she always had a choker on too.
gosh i loved rockin a mean choker.
there are a million chidhood/preteen photos of me rockin a choker.
i know i know, ya'll r jealous.
i used to throw together random stuff like her too.
oh and i would try rockin a mean vest.

another one of my fave part of the shows
was when she would do like little news updates to the camera.
and yes, i would do that in  my room sometimes.

okay i have revealed enough embarrasing things about myself.
i just had to share.
okay one last embarassing thing:
i now have it dvr'd every night.
oh and i will enjoy watching every single minute of it.

on another note.
i have been a busy bee trying to move furniture around here at our home.
we have some stuff to bring over from the store
so i am trying to make room.
we are also getting a new couch and chair.
i am so so so excited for it to come in.
i am hoping to finish the rest of the apartment tomorrow.
except the living room.
i am having trouble placing things with our current couch and chair.
will have to wait for the new furniture i guess.

i will share some home photos as soon as i get things settled.
they are always changing around here to keep things fresh.
it's hard to do exactly what you want when renting.
but we are making the best of our little place until we get our dream home.
in jesus name. :)

until tomorrow.

Friday, August 19, 2011

10 things I love...

here are 10 things that i am totally digging this week.


ummm how gorgeous is this kitchen.
i love everything about it.
especially the chandeliers.
oh swoooon.


this office/studio.
i love the messy flea market look.
love all the crates and suitcases piled up.
and love love love the frames, pictures, and randomness on the walls.


this is the cutest and i mean absolute cutest idea for a photo.
lu would love this so much.
such an awesome idea.
it rocks.


so i am absolutely in love with beehives.
i was recently helping a hair dresser brainstorm ideas for a photo shoot.
i said oh please do beehives.
she did.
needless to say, the photos came out pretty fab.
i am hoping to do a beehive for the next wedding i'm in.
(if the bride lets)
i just love how it's modernish but also 60's retro.
oh i just love the look.


this should have hung in my home growing up.
it will definately hand in shane and i's.
i am making a canvas of this.
definately will be our motto.
love the we do real part.


love this layout.
makes my heart race.
it is perfect.
love the silhouettes.
may have to scraplift this.


this is a collage wall at its finest.
literally flawless.
gosh, i can't wait for a house.


i definately want another tattoo.
haven't been sure what or where.
think this is an option.
it means "she flys with her own wings."
love that.


tried this dress on the other day.
i love it.
may go back and get it.
anything with feathers is so great.


oh ryan gosling.
you have got to be the most beautiful man alive.
i have seen crazy, stupid love like 3 times.
only to look at this gorgeous guy.
i mean really.
please just move in.
my husband won't notice.

there ya go peeps.
10 things i am lovin lovin lovin this week.


Thursday, August 18, 2011


so being unemployed leaves time for all sorts of things. today i had the pleasure of sitting in the nissan dealership for two hours waiting for my oil to be changed.

i took along my copy of Artful Blogging. i hadn't had a chance to read it yet so i figured today would be the perfect opportunity.

while reading it, something was laid on my heart that has been once before in the last week. i am still unsure if it is god or not. i am not sure if it is just noise or my own thoughts popping up. we will see. i am not putting too much thought into it until i am sure that it is something important, from god, that is meant to be.

you see, i have come to terms that i have an obsessive personality.
yes, i know a shocker huh.

i used to think it was such a bad thing.  

for example here is some evidence of the obsessiveness.
yes, it's a word, for now.

number one:

i drink way too much of this. way too much.

like completely obsessed with it.
i mean you shouldn't look at your card statments and have the word starbucks appear more than any other.
the sad thing, we have a keurig.
and it makes great coffee.
i'm just obsessed with starbucks.
i can't get enough.
the taste the smell the cup.
i know ridiculous.

number two:

i have entirely too many journals.
i buy them like they are candy.
i start journaling certain things in each of them and they just multiply.
i mean seriously how much writing can one person do.
i just love em.

number three:

i am so obsessed with anything fashion and home decor related.

i buy oodles and oodles of books and magazines.
(these are only ones purchased in the last month)
i just can't get enough.
i love to look at all of the different styles and ideas.
i could read about fashion and home decor for hours.
obsessed i tell ya.

number four:

i am obsessed with reading.
i mean this is my bedside table.

 no one can read 5 books at once.
no one.
just retarded.

number five:
i go to flea markets way too much!
 i've been on a bit of a hiatus..
but it used to be like every weekend.

the apartment is FULL.
i mean full of flea market finds.
total obsession.

and people i could go on and on and on.
i just get so hooked on stuff and love and it and overdo it and just can't get enough.
am i alone?
please say no.

i usually think it's a bad thing.
my mom once told me though that it's not.
she has said that's what she loves about me.
she said that when i love something i love it BIG.
i pour my heart into it and go at it no holds bar.

when i think about it, some of the people i love most in my life have obsessive personalities.
i guess it will be a blessing as long as i use it in the right way.

so what i'm getting at with all of this is, i will not let my obsessive personality take over with big life decisions.

i will seek god.

pray until i know for sure.

wait on him.

so i will let things simmer at this point in my life.
i will wait to be sure it's right.

so the little epiphany i had at the nissan dealership,
i will give it time to become more.

in the meantime,
i will work on lightening up on my other little obsessions.
especially the ones my hubby hates.
(umm starbucks)


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fashion Love

fall is right around the corner. it is my favorite time of year. especially when it comes to fashion.

i have been seeing so many great fall fashions. fall fashion makes me drooooooool.

it is quite common for me to be completely broke throughout fall and winter because i can't get enough of the clothes and bags and boots. i mean really.

this year, the fashion is motivating me to get my big butt in the gym so i can actually fit in some cute clothes. looks like that is gonna take a lot of work. hehe.

here are a few looks that i am loving!

love the colors in this. the jacket is ah-maze.

 this look rocks. i want that gucci bag. ummmmm maybe someday.
 this whole look is the bomb. love the messy just outta bed hair. love the hat. love the layers.
oh and just for fun somethin for the fella in my life. he would never wear two layers.
he would sweat 10 buckets.
 but hey i can dream. maybe he would at least go for the hair.

so i'm hoping some big  bucks roll in soon so that they can go to fall fashion. :)
the boo and i are planning a trip for the anniversary and it will be to somewhere very chilly so hopefully some of these outfit ideas will come in handy.

ahh i just love fall.

until next time.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Catching up

welcome to the new blog. i decided since everything in my life is at a new start, the blog should be no exception. here's what's happening right now.

i had the scrapbook store. due to personal reasons, we decided to close. thought i wanted to go back to teaching. got bumped four days into the school year for the second time in my life. have decided to allow god to take the reigns in my career and i am pursuing other opportunities.

been married to my best friend for ummm what is it... 8 months now. still scrapping, shopping, and super obsessed with home decor, fashion, and anything style related.

have two godchildren, Ella and Madelyn (lu lu) and one Hayden who are very special to me. love spending time with the same ole friends and family as always.

life is definately organized chaos. i think that is a positive thing. not too perfect, not too imperfect. which is kinda perfect. :) excited to get back into blogging. hope you continue to join me.

hope you enjoyed the first post! until next time.