Friday, August 19, 2011

10 things I love...

here are 10 things that i am totally digging this week.


ummm how gorgeous is this kitchen.
i love everything about it.
especially the chandeliers.
oh swoooon.


this office/studio.
i love the messy flea market look.
love all the crates and suitcases piled up.
and love love love the frames, pictures, and randomness on the walls.


this is the cutest and i mean absolute cutest idea for a photo.
lu would love this so much.
such an awesome idea.
it rocks.


so i am absolutely in love with beehives.
i was recently helping a hair dresser brainstorm ideas for a photo shoot.
i said oh please do beehives.
she did.
needless to say, the photos came out pretty fab.
i am hoping to do a beehive for the next wedding i'm in.
(if the bride lets)
i just love how it's modernish but also 60's retro.
oh i just love the look.


this should have hung in my home growing up.
it will definately hand in shane and i's.
i am making a canvas of this.
definately will be our motto.
love the we do real part.


love this layout.
makes my heart race.
it is perfect.
love the silhouettes.
may have to scraplift this.


this is a collage wall at its finest.
literally flawless.
gosh, i can't wait for a house.


i definately want another tattoo.
haven't been sure what or where.
think this is an option.
it means "she flys with her own wings."
love that.


tried this dress on the other day.
i love it.
may go back and get it.
anything with feathers is so great.


oh ryan gosling.
you have got to be the most beautiful man alive.
i have seen crazy, stupid love like 3 times.
only to look at this gorgeous guy.
i mean really.
please just move in.
my husband won't notice.

there ya go peeps.
10 things i am lovin lovin lovin this week.


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