Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Catching up

welcome to the new blog. i decided since everything in my life is at a new start, the blog should be no exception. here's what's happening right now.

i had the scrapbook store. due to personal reasons, we decided to close. thought i wanted to go back to teaching. got bumped four days into the school year for the second time in my life. have decided to allow god to take the reigns in my career and i am pursuing other opportunities.

been married to my best friend for ummm what is it... 8 months now. still scrapping, shopping, and super obsessed with home decor, fashion, and anything style related.

have two godchildren, Ella and Madelyn (lu lu) and one Hayden who are very special to me. love spending time with the same ole friends and family as always.

life is definately organized chaos. i think that is a positive thing. not too perfect, not too imperfect. which is kinda perfect. :) excited to get back into blogging. hope you continue to join me.

hope you enjoyed the first post! until next time.



  1. well glad to see this... missed your posts.... love you, Ash!

  2. Hugs. For all you have been through lately. You are right to let God take the reigns and just see where he takes you. Good to see that you are back blogging!