Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fashion Love

fall is right around the corner. it is my favorite time of year. especially when it comes to fashion.

i have been seeing so many great fall fashions. fall fashion makes me drooooooool.

it is quite common for me to be completely broke throughout fall and winter because i can't get enough of the clothes and bags and boots. i mean really.

this year, the fashion is motivating me to get my big butt in the gym so i can actually fit in some cute clothes. looks like that is gonna take a lot of work. hehe.

here are a few looks that i am loving!

love the colors in this. the jacket is ah-maze.

 this look rocks. i want that gucci bag. ummmmm maybe someday.
 this whole look is the bomb. love the messy just outta bed hair. love the hat. love the layers.
oh and just for fun somethin for the fella in my life. he would never wear two layers.
he would sweat 10 buckets.
 but hey i can dream. maybe he would at least go for the hair.

so i'm hoping some big  bucks roll in soon so that they can go to fall fashion. :)
the boo and i are planning a trip for the anniversary and it will be to somewhere very chilly so hopefully some of these outfit ideas will come in handy.

ahh i just love fall.

until next time.


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