Wednesday, August 24, 2011

pleasant surprise!

so i am a child of the late 80's early 90's.
just a warning:
if you are not a person of this generation,
this post may not be nearly as exciting for you as it is for me.

anyways, last night, i was channel surfing with my nocturnal self
and came across the most pleasant surprise eva!!

clarissa explains it all was playing on teen nick!!!!
i mean really....ahhhhhhhhhh!

this was a show that played sometime in the 90's on nickelodeon.
we were not allowed to watch much tv when i was younger.
but, when we had some tv time,
you can bet that tv was either on
clarissa explains it all or full house.

i used to be obsessed with clarissa.
i loved her room and how she dressed.
to me, she was a fashion icon.
here are some examples of her style:

okay so i will admit that when i look at her now it is so funny.
but c'mon it was the 90's.
she was freakin cool.
i loved loved loved how she just wore the most random stuff.
she always had a choker on too.
gosh i loved rockin a mean choker.
there are a million chidhood/preteen photos of me rockin a choker.
i know i know, ya'll r jealous.
i used to throw together random stuff like her too.
oh and i would try rockin a mean vest.

another one of my fave part of the shows
was when she would do like little news updates to the camera.
and yes, i would do that in  my room sometimes.

okay i have revealed enough embarrasing things about myself.
i just had to share.
okay one last embarassing thing:
i now have it dvr'd every night.
oh and i will enjoy watching every single minute of it.

on another note.
i have been a busy bee trying to move furniture around here at our home.
we have some stuff to bring over from the store
so i am trying to make room.
we are also getting a new couch and chair.
i am so so so excited for it to come in.
i am hoping to finish the rest of the apartment tomorrow.
except the living room.
i am having trouble placing things with our current couch and chair.
will have to wait for the new furniture i guess.

i will share some home photos as soon as i get things settled.
they are always changing around here to keep things fresh.
it's hard to do exactly what you want when renting.
but we are making the best of our little place until we get our dream home.
in jesus name. :)

until tomorrow.

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