Saturday, September 3, 2011

the best day.

yesterday was the best day.

it was just one of those days where everything goes great.

one of those days where you smile the whole time.

it rocked.

first, shane and i slept really late.
like really late.

then we awoke and heard a little knock on the door.
it was the mail lady.
and what did she have?
oh just a box of heavenly goodness from two peas.

so then we were trying to figure out what the heck to do with the rest of the day.

we decided to put on our lovely sweats.
 pick up and head to my fave antique store, fireflies, in rayne
and create 365, the scrapbook store in scot.

i love that we have that luxury.
to just be able to pick up and go.
to just be able to head out on a whim.
i love that shane is always up for anything.
love that.

so on our way, we stop at starbucks for a potty break and a coffee, of course.

then, to my surprise, we walk in and i see a sign sent from jesus himself.
it says: it's baaaaaaaack.
what's back you ask?


the pumpkin spice latte.

oh lord you guys will soon learn how much i love me a pumpkin spice latte.
it's like fall in a cup.
(shane laughs everytime i say that)
but it really is.
it makes me soooo pumped to drink it!
i will definately be having another today.

so after the delightful starbucks stop.
we headed to fireflies.
it is amaze!!

i have already found so many great little things from this place.
yesterday was no exception.
i got this awesome shelving unit that i've been eyeing.
i got some vintage metal clips.
a blue milk jug.
an old golfball basket.
two frames.
and a vintage typewriter table.

let's just say there are a few more pieces that i've been having my eye on
and god i hope thye are still there when our house comes along.
i know.
wishful thinking.

after fireflies we hit up a couple of other flea markets and the scrapbook store.
i got a few more goodies.

then we went to this precious candy shoppe in rayne.
it was old school vintage candy shoppe.
it was soooooo cute.
here's a peek!

precious, right?

after, we had dinner and then headed home.
i played around in my scraproom.
finished my inspiration board.

all in all it was the best day.

it was just fun and filled with little blessings all along the way.

just thought i'd share.

today i'm scrappin with vera.
looks like it's gonna be a great weekend.


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