Tuesday, September 6, 2011

my little space...

so recently i made a few re-arrangements in my scraproom.

shane and i finally got rid of some furniture we have had since college.
we moved stuff all around the apartment and the scraproom was moved around too.

like i've said before, we rent so there is little i can do, but
i try to make each room as cozy as possible.

here are some pics of the space where i create.

(please excuse the quality of the photos.)


 i like to store things in vintage sewing machine drawers.

 old trays and muffin tins are also great for storage.

 wall and magazines for lots of inspiraiton.

 old locker baskets are always great for storage too.

so there's my little space.

i try to spend as much time in there as possible.

most of the furniture pieces are flea market finds.
the pink dresser is from when i was a kid.
i re-painted it hot pink.
the white organizational stuff is from michaels.

i love my little scraproom but i am looking forward to getting a house
and really being able to customize the space like i want it.

i am super lucky to have an entire room to myslef to create.
my hubby's closet is in that room,
but for the most part it is all mine.

on to other news,
vera and i have been up to something lately.

please check out
to see what.

you are going to love it!

we are truly excited about it and we can't wait to share the experience with everyone.

well, i needa hit the sack.
until next time.


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  1. Ash, I love your space. It looks so cozy. I can't wait to see what Christmas projects You and Vera come up with.