Monday, September 26, 2011

10 things i love...

here are 10 little things that i love and want to share...


this little lady's outfit.
the crochet bow.
the little t.
the skirt.
so stinking cute.


picker sisters.
it's a show on lifetime.
they hunt for junk/treasures.
they create beautiful furniture and home decor out of it
for their great store in LA.
the show rocks.
i'm hooked.


these windows.


this retail space.
love all the decor.
especially the mirror.
would love to shop here.


all of these outfits.
gotta love fall fashion.
love love that second look.


these little vintage outfits.
super cute.


this movie.
all good things.
based on a true story.
so flippin good.
so good.
oh and one last thing.
ryan gosling.


these colored letterpress blocks.
they are so great.
i need em.


these three layouts from the october afternoon blog.
they are all great.
love the last one especially.


love this little crafting space.
those metal bins kick butt.
love this whole look.

today was one of those lazy days.
shane and i did nothing.
absolutely nothing.
except lay around.
be lazy.
eat terrible.
now, i know i won't be able to go to sleep.
very early.
which isn't good tonite.
i got a job.
i start tomorrow.
i'm nervous.
it's the first job i've ever had
that i don't know what to expect.
i know a few of  the people that work there.
they are great.
i expect that i will love it.
now, if i only i can have a decent bed time.

hope you have a beautiful tuesday.

until next time...

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  1. More about the job, please!!! Is it in teaching??? Good luck, have a wonderful day!