Monday, September 12, 2011


today i spent the day with my little lovey.
aka miss ella grace.

she is such a delight.

shane and i are her godparents and
we have had the pleasure of babysitting her a lot lately.
that is definately the plus side to not having a job.
if there is one.
hey gotta look at the glass half full right.

we had such a great little day with her today.
we took a long nap.
we went spend some time at my grandparents' house.
we also took lots of pics.

i have been wanting some new pics for her scrapbook
so today i decided to snap a few.
i guess a few is an understatement.
here are some.

my grandparents have the most beautiful backyard.
it's great for pics.
so is my maw maw's old blue sheet.
i love it so much.

i also realized today that our new couch is great for pics too.
so, of course, we took a few at our house.


i know it's a bit much.
but you can never have too many pics of a cute, chubby baby.

that was pretty much our day today.
we get to hang out again on wednesday.

in other news, vera and i opened registration for our event.
check out the blog and get yourself signed up!

we are also super excited because
we are heading out early thursday morning for scrapfest.
we are staying with some great friends in a cozy little cabin.
we are hoping to make lots of pretty things.
i can't wait.

oh by the way, did you guys know that missoni is hitting target tomorrow.
missioni is a great designer that is bringing his goodies to target.
how could you miss the cute commercials.
anyways, i will be there tomorrow morning to check it out!

i love these kinda weeks
when there are lots of little joys to look forward to.

sorry if this was a bore of a post but
i just wanted to share.

have a beautiful tuesday.

till next time...

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  1. oh my goodness...ella grace is too stinky cute!! Love all the pics you took! Great job!